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Resuming year 2011 and planning the year 2012 (In English and Romanian)

Work at “Elena Doamna” State Orphanage (EDO)
After Winter holidays 2011,  the activity was continued by Br. Ionut Handaric and the youth from church, on theme: ’Knowing the Truth will set us free’, on every Saturday afternoon, 2.00 p.m. to 4.00 p.m.; two more leaders joined the team: Vali Brasoveanu and Elena Mata. Later, Aspazia Iuhasz came on September. Praise The Lord who called.
To mention a few ‘one off’ events in 2011:
-          Evangelistic event for youth – with support of Frank Gribble (SC) ( February)
-          Various programmes for children, during the evangelistic visit of medical team from SC.( June)
-          Voronet Camp-for children – with the support of Fetcham Team (UK) - July
-          Vacation Bible Study – with the support of Frinton Team( UK) – Aug.
-          Helping out the EDO children/young people  for Christmas Celebration at EDO.(16th Dec.)
-          EDO kids/youth performed their programme in church, with our young people joining.(19th Dec.)
-          EDO children invited at Christmas Celebration of kids from  church (25th Dec.)
-          Carols at the EDO-performed by our youth on 23rd Dec.
-          Celebrating one little girl’s birthday at EDO – 28th Dec.
During Summer holidays, more changes of team structure were about to take place. Looking now at number of things we planned according to the vision, we cannot but thank God for His faithfulness. As a result of our new “team profile”, it was for the first time when we considered in more detail, the possibility to start something addressed to the staff there, within the same schedule set for Saturdays. After praying/discussing, there it was, a new segment which we called” The Coffee Break”. Added to this, some extra voluntary activities amongst kids: English classes on a regular basis ( on different time than Saturday meetings) plus a few meetings to help out some young people in preparation for their Graduation Exams.
Team Profile:
The Team is made of two distinct categories:
-           Our Local Church -  represented by Pastor Marin Tifrea and Secretary Vasile Bursuc -  plus various persons/groups/churches from US, UK) who are joining in prayer according to the news provided weekly. At this point, it is my turn to apologize for the lack of information to our partners from US/UK. (appart from some pictures uploaded on Face-book ). My fault entirely and thank you for whoever else might have provided with info, now and then, or answered to possible questions of those of you, interested in the subject. God is faithful.
-          The team who goes at EDO on a regular basis: Elena Mata; Vali Brasoveanu; Aspazia Iuhasz;  Elisa Enache; Andrei Vamesul, Lucian Avadanei; Filip Cerchia; Gabi Cerchia; Irina Halaida; others joined occasionally ( Laurentiu Paruschi, Andrei Brasoveanu, Edi Sava, Marinela Tarniceru; Lenuta Tepes; s. David; Viorica and Florin.) I do know there are many others, whom we do not even know, who walked alongside of us, in prayer or financially.
We cannot thank God enough for everything and everyone helping us, on our every week activity, as well as on various “one off” events that I have already mentioned. Grace to them we could use various materials, transportation, cookies recipes, coffee or juice, while others were available with their time, patience, advice. In all, may God be glorified and may He will see and reward.
Sections of EDO work:
1.       Building the team.- this has been a section in itself, due to the continuous changes of team’s structure. Therefore, with quite a number of new leaders joining, we had to put some time aside for explaining the vision and the practical means / ways of fulfilling it, in a manner which, by end, will have led to a Christ like mind and character. For a number of weeks, we were happy to experience God’s teaching, and Presence, during the hour, previous to our leave to EDO. –
Please pray for more workers. Also, please remember Elena, Vali and Aspazia, whose husbands are not Christians. Elena’s husband is very ill. Vali needs continous prayer support as well, for her health, as she is diagnosed with esophagus cancer. Filip has to be well prepared for his graduation exams and my mother needs visitation, due to her latest health condition.. Andrei Vamesul will join us again in the Summer; until then, we keep him in prayer. He had a tremendous impact amongst the young people at EDO.
2.       The work with EDO Staff ( “The Coffee Break”)- has been a tremendously blessed time in which we started to build communication bridges with the children instructors from EDO. We needed some time to develop the levels of knowing each others, leaders and staff. Until then, it was a case of giving full attention to the kids, within the ordinary activities:Two hours, followed by a leave in quite a rush…We felt that this had to change somehow. So, during games, most of the leaders are seeing to the kids while a small group of our ladies create an atmosphere inviting the supervisors round a cup of coffee and a piece of cake, just chatting, sharing, observing, moaning, laughing, ..acting normalJ and loving them. God, in His faithfulness, gave many opportunities for our leaders to share their testimonies or various aspects from their lives. To Him is the glory!
Please pray for a specific location, favourable for more and more discussions with the staff. Also, we have a great opportunity to prepare something, on a special occasion, such as 8th March, when we celebrate Mothers’ Day. We specifically pray for a speaker on that occasion.
3.       Children’s work. Is represented by a 2hrs programme every Saturday, plus an English lesson every Friday p.m. We have learned about Daniel and interrupted when the practice for Christmas celebration started. We are going to continue with Daniel and eventually to introduce some reading from the new Bibles that they have received on this ChristmasJ( plus craft, games, quizzes and songs, etc.etc.) Please pray that they will start seeking to read more, from the Bible.
4.       Work with EDO youth- one of the things we haven’t necessarily planned, but God had, so, there we are, having a special section of the whole work, in which we had the chance to socialize and get to know the young people better and better, listening to their jokes or moans, laughing and crying, ready to put questions, to be argumentative at times, to learn songs or have fun. It all happened on one afternoon, at the end of our meeting with kids; they were just clearing a plate with cakes, made by Elena, when a group of young people whom we know from many previous activities at church, came along in the dinning-room. Immediately I look at that plate and notice there weren’t enough cakes to share with these new comers. Suddenly, I can hear myself telling them:” Hey, next week, we will make sure you will have your cakes, during your own programme, separate from the one with kids! How about meeting next week, Your time only. No kids, just young people. How about that? I could see some great smiles. A new chapter started then. (end of Oct). Also, part of the agreement was for them to come with various questions while we will come with various answers from the Scripture explained by Andrei Vamesul and others , plus we’ll be bringing some songs!  Many times, since then, songs were a good start for quite interesting spiritual subjects such as: Life after death, Eternal life, Being born again, The Day of Judgment, etc. We have also used some materials with Nick Vujegic. Please pray more young people will come to these meetings held there at EDO! Also, for ways of them interacting with young people from church. Also, for them to start reading the Bible on a regular basis. Vali, our leader says:” I do believe we face the need of having at least two teams, working simultaneously with kids/youth. This will only mean more workers to join…. Please pray. We have in mind, things like:
-          1 socializing event per month(?) with seeing a movie, discussion, pop-corn, etc.
-          A study with girls on some material, such as some of the books of Elisabeth Elliot which I recently read /enjoyed it.:)
-          Various special speakers ; however, in the meantime, we can have a special time to share our own testimonies.
-          A camp will be good…
-          Young people from church to become prayer partners of EDO youth.
There are many ideas. Of course, we are praying for His vision, round this specific situations. God only, knows, how everything will be done, plus the resources to achieve it all. At the end of day, it is a case of walking by faith. We do not have a special budget yet ( although we intend creating one ), but God showed  us that His grace is always sufficient. Would you like to continue in prayer?
May God bless you all.
In Him, IrinaH.

 - Evaluare  pe anul 2011, cu identificarea motivelor de multumire si a nevoilor pe care le avem, in linii mari, pe fiecare segment in parte, respectiv o "planificare" pe anul 2012, -

Traseu cronologic al diverselor evenimente din anul 2011:

Dupa vacanta de iarna 2011, activitatea a fost reluata saptamnal de fratele Ionut Handaric impreuna cu tinerii bisericii,  pe tema “Adevarul care ne face liberi’; la acel moment, echipei s-au mai alaturat doua persoane noi: s. Vali Brasoveanu, s. Elena Mata, respectiv s. Aspazia Iuhasz ( in Septembrie)
Au urmat:
-       Socializare (bowling plus intalnire tineret )– cu sprijinul fr.Frank Gribble (SC)
-       Participarea la programele cu copiii, pe parcusul activitatii echipelor medicale din SC.
-       Tabara copii – cu sprijinul echipei din Fetcham (UK)
-       SBV – cu sprijinul echipei Frinton (UK)

A urmat vacanta de vara, timp in care, profilul echipei s-a schimbat. Asa ca in septembrie a avut loc o intalnire de prezentare a noilor membri si de rugaciune/discutie , in care sa intelegem ce doreste Dumnezeu in continuare. S-a stabilit atunci o lista a ce putem face, pe baza viziunii pe care am inteles-o atunci, si uitandu-ne pe ea, vedem credinciosia lui Dumnezeu.
Prezenta noilor membri ne-a condus pentru prima data cu gandul la posibilitatea de a incepe sa construim punti de legatura mai concrete decat pana atunci, intre noi si staff. Astfel ca, din sept. lucrarea a avut un segment in plus : Lucrarea cu staff-ul, pe care am numit-o “Cafeaua Doamnelor”. Alaturi de aceasta, au urmat intalnirile cu tinerii ED si orele de engleza, cu grup de copii( vinerea d.a.) si respectiv cateva intalniri sambata, cu cei care au bacalaureat.

Echipa a mai participat la:

-       Serbarea de Craciun la ED- cu participarea echipe noastre ca ajutor in pregatirea copiilor la repetitii si insotirea lor la serbare16.12
-       Serbarea BCB la care au participat ca invitati copii/tineri de la ED 25.12
-       Insotirea copiilor ED la activitatea lor de la Mol ( colinde).
-       Colind la ED in seara de 23
-       Sarbatorirea zilei de nastere a Taniei – 28.12.2011

Segmentele activitatii:

1.Consolidarea unei echipe ED.
Ea se alcatuieste din:
-  persoane/grupuri/biserici, care s-au alaturat in rugaciune( Biserica locala, repezentata de pastor Marin Tifrea si secretar, Vasile Bursuc, plus diverse biserici /persoane fizice din US, UK ).
- persoane care se deplaseaza, in rugaciune:) "pe teren".: Elena Mata, Vali Brasoveanu, Aspazia Iuhasz, Elisa Enache, Luci Avadanei, Filip Cerchia, Gabi Cerchia, Andrei Vamesul, Irina Halaida, la care, ocazional s-au alaturat, Laurentiu Paruschi, Andrei Brasoveanu, Marinela Tarniceru, sora Lenuta  Tepes, sora David, Viorica si Florin. Stiu insa ca sunt multi, pe care noi nici nu-I stim care s-au alaturat prin contributii si rugaciune. Toate acestea, pentru care nu avem cuvinte sa multumim lui Dumnezeu, (materialele, transportul, timpul si disponibilitatea unora, si altele pe care le folosim din ceea ce biserica are, )ma duc cu gandul la urmatoarele:
-fiecare poate face ceva, intr-o lucrare, indiferent de lucrare.
-nimic din ceea ce folosim nu e al nostru. Noi insine nu mai suntem ai nostri fost rascumparati cu mare pret. 
De aceea ii suntem multumitori lui Dumnezeu pentru ca, la finalul fiecarei intalniri, vedem cum ne-am bucurat de o experimentare colectiva a lui Dumnezeu, prin lucrarea Sa. Domnul sa fie slavit.

* Pe fondul unor fluctuatii continue , tema intalnirii liderilor a avut drept scop instruirea ca si echipa, urmarind sa explicam:
-  in ce consta viziunea
- verificarea chemarii personale
-cai practice de implinire a viziunii in situatia de lucru in echipa, prin dezvoltarea caracterului de ucenic al lui Isus, in noi.
Fiecare intalnire a a fost prilejul unei bucurii in Domnul. Cateva din lucrurile pe care le-am studiat impreuna din Scriptura: Daca lucram impreuna, ne pregatim impreuna, aceasta insemnand; citire, rugaciune, marturisire, incurajare, participare. Am reusit ca pe rand, fiecare sa ne pregatim cu un cuvant din partea lui Dumnezeu, pe specificul ucenicizarii.
Care e profilul echipei in acest an? Continua procesul de schimbare. Asteptam ca Domnul sa cheme in continuare. Din motive foarte obiective, sunt unele persoane din actualul grup, care nu se vor mai putea implica la fel ca in lunile anterioare, altele sunt asteptate.

Pt.2012 -Rugati-va ca Domnul sa scoata lucratori in via Lui, potrivit cu viziunea pe care ne-a dat-o. Ca si motive specifice de rugaciune: sotii surorilor din echipa: ca ei sa vina la Domnul…|De asemenea, sotul sorei Elena este foarte bolnav. Alte motive: starea de sanatate a sorei Vali; Filip-examen de bacalaureat; Andrei Vamesul-ca Domnul sa il foloseasca acolo unde l-A trimis sa slujeasca, pana la vara; familia Irinei;

2. Lucrarea cu Staff-ul
- a constat in relationarea cu o parte din personalul care venea si insotea copiii. Am dorit ca relationarea sa curga natural si sa treaca prin etapele ei normale, de cunoastere. Iar  lucrul acesta, ne-am gandit ca se poate face intr-o ambianta aparte, in jurul poate al unei farfurii de prajituri, al unui pahar de suc sau al unei cesti de cafea, servite pe timpul cat copiii parcurgeau jocurile.
Lucrarea a functionat mai bine atunci cand: era o anumita tura la bucatarieJ; cand ajungeam la timp si faceam personal invitatiile; in spatii mai intime, unde discutiile erau mai putin impersonale si doamnele se puteau deschide mai mult: Dumnezeu dadea ocazii ca liderele noastre sa isi povesteasca marturia sau diverse aspecte din viata lor.; Cand nu exista cadrul intim al unor discutii, personalul era atent la povestea biblica.
* nu am reusit: un timp spiritual cu ele, pe baza unui anume subiect; consecventa a unui nucleu; serbare pentru staff.;

Oportunitati 2012: O serbare de 8 Martie, pentru staff. Poate fi , de data aceasta, serbarea noastra! Poate fi gandita o agapa in care copiii sa serveasca staff-ul cu diverse surprise! Prilej de marturie pt noi, ! Ne rugam pentru o persoana invitata cu aceasta ocazie, care sa le vorbeasca.

3. Lucrarea cu copiii
* Din toamna am inceput studierea Cartii Daniel. Urmeaza sa o continuam .
Activitatea a mers bine: in spatii mai largi si in situatiile combinatiilor de activitati, prin centre de activitate; atunci cand povestirile erau intr-un anume fel vizualizate; atunci cand era un numar suficient de lideri care sa asigure supraveghere si participare, atat la jocuri cat si la celelalte activitati.  

Oportunitati 2012: Credem ca au fost benefice tabara si intalnirile in care erau copiii adusi la noi. Au fost incurajate invatarea Scripturii prin versete in cantari sau mini intreceri . Copiii s-au atasat mult de echipa.
Citirea Scripturii: Copiii au primit si ei Biblii. Poate ca ar fi interesant sa introducem in programul saptamanal o sectiune de 15 minute citire a Bibliei. ( voi reveni cu amanunte).

4. Lucrarea cu tinerii- simt nevoia unei discutii mai detaliate, in care sa putem cantari cum se pot implica tinerii si ce putem face noi in continuare, ca echipa , pentru acest segment.
Pentru ca déjà a existat provocarea de incepere a unui program de citire a Bibliei, cred ca trebuie sa mergem pe linia aceasta, cu atat mai mult cu cat aceasta viziune era de la inceput si pe lista noastra. Modalitatile practice, pentru ca viziunea sa fie atinsa, trebuie insa discutate. Deocamdata, noi ii invatam cantari si le explicam semnificatia lor spirituala, respectiv raspundem anumitor intrebari pe care ei le au. Se deschid in acele moment discutii de in care ei vorbesc despre ei insisi. Atmosfera e de cele mai multe ori, foarte frumoasa. Sunt pasi mici dar siguri si nu cred ca e un timp pierdut. Am adaugat la acestea doua materiale cu Nick Vujegic, pe care le-am vizionat impreuna.

S. Vali:” Cred ca e nevoie de cel putin 2 echipe care sa lucreze in paralel, cu tinerii si cu copiii. Aceasta insa presupune un efectiv mare de persoane, pentru ambele segmente.”

Pt anul 2012, Sugestii pentru material tineri si mod de desfasurare a discutiilor.
- Nick Vujegic; Richard Wurmbrandt; Citirea Bibliei; grupe separate baieti/fete; alcatuirea unui sondaj de opinie potrivit tinerilor.
-o seara /luna –socializare, vizionare film si discutie, pop-corn
-un studiu cu fetele- “ce inseamna a fi femeie”-de Elisabeth Elliot.
- diverse iesiri, vizite, excursii, seri de film, invitati speciali( ex, V-le Tofan, fr Ilie Ilas sau fr. Panican, s.a. , cand sunt prin zona) .
-sa ii mai invitam la programe in care sa cante impreuna cu tinerii bisericii. ( poate sa fie avute in vedere diverse intalniri de tineret pe comunitate, la care sa ii invitam.)
Toate acestea au nevoie mare de rugaciune si mijloace materiale, de asemeni de un grup crestin impreuna cu care acestea sa se petreaca. ( ma refer in special la socializari). La acest punct, mentionez ca este foarte importanta relationarea eficienta cu grupul de tineri ai bisericii si cei care pastoresc grupul de tineri ai bisericii.
-s-au mentionat idei gen: o tabara pentru tineri, respectiv , la intalnirile de tineri ai bisericii, tineri pot lua cate un nume, pt care sa se roage continuu, precum si crearea unui Buget al lucrarii.

Domnul sa rasplateasca fiecaruia! Amin.

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